About Us
Who We are

SalesLoft is a privately held Contact Management Center located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our customer service center utilizes blended agents that specialize in consistently exceeding our client’s expectations.  Our consistent focus on Key Performance Indicators allows us to consistently out-perform our competitors.

Seamless integration is one of the keys to our success in leveraging long-term partnerships with our clients.


We understand the industries we support and our flexible approach helps strengthen the results for your company.  Our program includes:

  • We learn about your business products and services.
  • We will collaborate with you to develop a customized plan that meets all your professional needs.
  • SalesLoft enthusiastically embraces your business as our own, creating a new partnership
  • We will work with you to define goals, gather feedback and make adjustments to maintain the best results for your telesales campaign.


The training programs SalesLoft has implemented and developed over the years have resulted in the most knowledgeable customer service agents in the call center industry.

All new employees are provided with 3 weeks of extensive training.  During this time, they receive one-on-one attention to develop their product knowledge, policies and procedures developed by each client.  They also learn selling techniques and closing strategies.  This is completed through role playing, interaction with senior team members and learning lessons that are followed-up with exams.


Quality Assurance activities are performed continually to verify that our customer service agents are using approved scripting, verbiage, confidence and are of the highest quality.  These procedures are used to manage and improve our approach on a regular basis ensuring calls are made to our satisfaction.  Our agents will represent your company in a professional manner using approval scripts and will be knowledgeable of the products they are selling.  We also invite our clients to participate in weekly call calibrations which demonstrate our commitment to quality service.